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21. 7. 28.
you are an angel
21. 7. 26.
Me siento tan afortunada de conocerte, eres in cre i ble
21. 7. 20.
In the little he has spoken with you, I've had a great time and thanks for everything, I love you
21. 7. 20.
21. 7. 17.
again xd
21. 7. 17.
u are amazing
21. 3. 10.
u are amazing! i love uuu
20. 12. 23.
I'm just stopping here by to wish you a Merry Christmas! Have a great time with your friends and loved ones. You are a fundamental piece in my 2020 and I hope that we continue this 2021 filling ourselves with joys and wonderful moments. I love you so much Gaetan
20. 9. 25.
You are a great guy! Any girl who has you in her room must feel lucky. You are very kind, you say very nice things! I love u